What is the buzz about Infinterest?


Welcome to Infinterest.

Everyone is asking, "What is infinterest?"  Great question.  We are a new business with a unique service.  Though we are moving into a greater scale, we have been operating this year with great success.  Thus, we are taking this to the next level.
Infinterest's primary mission is to unite real estate brokers and local businesses to provide a unique open house experience.  This allows potential home buyers to enjoy a great home buying experience.  Infinterest allows local businesses to introduce themselves to those looking to settle in the area thus can help to create the buying habits that will keep them coming back over and over.  
As an example, we had an open house in Tacoma.  We invited Shake, Shake, Shake, a local restaurant favorite to grill sliders in the back yard of a newly remodeled, beautiful family home.  The potential home buyers came and enjoyed a free delicious, grilled slider with bottled soda while viewing the home.  Additionally, our friend Jessica with Melaleuca, showed a display of home products that are safe for families.  Top selling Nina Nearhoff of Mary Kay had a nice display of products that every lady that showed up, stopped to browse.  
There are open houses across the Puget Sound and you can be part of them.  
Infinterest the website.
Our site allows real estate brokers the ability to browse potential businesses that belong to our network.   Each business has a button where you click, "Contact Business" to directly reach them. 
The real estate section allows real estate brokers an additional location to list your homes.  Your homes listed receive additional advertising through our advertising partners which reach Pierce County, Joint Base Lewis McChord and Thurston County.  You get FREE advertising!
The events sections allows real estate brokers the ability to post their open houses.  The local businesses can then contact the  brokers to check availability for collaboration.  The open houses are also advertised to the local community to help both real estate brokers and local businesses to get maximum exposure.
This is a winning solution for everyone; home buyer, real estate broker and local businesses!  
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